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ACTE Business-Education Partnership Award

ACTE’s Business-Education Partnership Award was created for business and education leaders who understand that economic livelihood is linked to the success of career and technical education (CTE) programs. Businesses and CTE programs across the country have already created successful partnerships that support student achievement, economic and community development, quality of life and more. ACTE is dedicated to supporting and recognizing best practices in CTE business-education partnerships.

In its commitment to improve student achievement and strengthen the nation’s future workforce, ACTE is responding to a need and strong interest for more quality partnerships between schools and businesses.

ACTE’s Business-Education Partnership Award recognize best practices and provide examples for schools and businesses to aid in the development and maintenance of partnerships that support high-quality CTE. Such quality partnerships align with ACTE’s goal of connecting education and careers, and will ultimately lead to improved career readiness and thus a stronger workforce.

This initiative also provides information to businesses and schools on how to create, implement, evaluate, and sustain such programs. As the awards program expands, ACTE will continue to provide concrete examples of successful business-education partnerships throughout the nation.

If you are currently involved in a partnership or interested in creating and/or improving a partnership focused on CTE, we urge you to explore ACTE’s preeminent awards program.

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Over 100 Individuals Impacted Under 100 Individuals Impacted

Eligibility & Criteria
Eligible partnerships are designed to support high-quality CTE programs and exist between at least one educational institution and at least one business or industry representative group. Partnerships should be existing at the time of nomination and should have made a measurable/significant impact on student achievement and on the development of the local community and economy. Greater consideration will be given to partnerships that demonstrate sustainability and innovation (either in the partnership itself or its outcomes.)

Nomination & Review Process
The nominations deadline closes on June 30. Nominations may be submitted by any individual or organization with sufficient involvement to adequately describe the partnership.

All partnerships that meet eligibility and criteria requirements will be highlighted on ACTE’s website as a ‘Business-Education Partnership Spotlight.’ Top nominations may be featured as model partnerships in a future issue of Techniques, and/or invited to present sessions at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION.

An independent panel will review all submissions to select the national recipient(s) of the ACTE Business-Education Partnership Award, which will then be considered for approval by the ACTE Board of Directors. Winners will be notified in August and recognized at the ACTE Awards Gala during CareerTech VISION.

All nominators permit ACTE to use and edit content of the application for promotional activities. ACTE reserves the right to maintain the anonymity of judges and confidentiality of their scores.