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What is the Awards Portal?

The Awards Portal is a sophisticated tool that enables the submission, collection, scoring, and promoting of applications online in a streamlined, paper-free process. The Awards Portal collects submissions and facilitates the scoring process for the ACTE Excellence Awards, Achieve 100, ACTE Public Policy Awards, the HSE Division scholarship competitions, and the ACTE Board of Directors election.  

Are you a state or Region program administrator? Click here for help managing your program.

Are you a program judge? Click here for assistance.

How do I start an application?

To begin an application, click on the program (or award) you would like to apply for on the main page. You will be prompted to create an account before you start. 

Watch the video: Starting an Application

I want to submit an application on someone else's behalf. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. If your nominee will not need access to edit or view the application themselves (ex. a one-round award, like the Image Awards), we recommend you submit the application under your account (created with your email address). 

If the nominee may need to access or edit the application themselves at some point (ex. a multi-round program, like the Member Awards), and if you have permission from the nominee, we recommend you create an account for the candidate using his/her email address to upload the application. 

How do I continue an application I already started?

If you saved your application before exiting the page, you should be able to access the application again after you log in from the main page

I am on the 'My Applications' page and don't see any of the applications I have started.

Don't see your submissions? If you started a submission in your state or Region, you may need to switch to your state or Region organization before you can view your applications. You can change organizations by clicking on your state or Region to navigate to your state or Region homepage. Once you are at the homepage, click on 'My Applications' on the left hand side. 

I forgot my password.

Your Awards Portal Account is linked to your ACTE Membership Account please use the same credentials (email and password). If you need your Membership password resent please email the Member Services Department here.

The application is asking for my ACTE ID number but I don't have it.

Your ACTE ID is a six digit number that is printed on your membership card and on your copy of Techniques magazine. If you don't know your ACTE ID number, you can call ACTE staff at our toll-free number to look it up for you at 1-800-826-9972.  

I am unable to progress to the next page of the application or submit my final application.

Check to make sure that you have completed all required sections of the application and that you are not exceeding the word limit in any section. If you are uploading a photo, check to make sure that it is the correct file type. 

I saved and finalized my application but would like to make more changes to it.

The program administrator will need to grant you access to modify an application that has already been submitted. If you don't know your program administrator, contact mzarcone@acteonline.org

I think I submitted my application but am not sure. How can I check?

Once your aplication is recieved, you should recieve an automated email from awards@acteonline.org. If you do not recieve the email, check your spam filter. 

When will I know if I've won?

It varies by award. The winners will not be announced via automated communications from the Awards Portal. If you have a question about when and how the winners will be announced, contact the program administrator for the award. 

If you are still having trouble or have questions, please contact ACTE staff at mzarcone@acteonline.org