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State Annual Report & Quality Association Standards (QAS)

The mission of the Association for Career and Technical Education is to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce.

An annual report is to be submitted annually by ACTE's affiliated state associations. In addition to the annual report, state associations have the option to complete an application for the Quality Association Standards (QAS). The annual report is required for all states; the QAS is optional.

All states must submit one of the two reports below by October 15 (11:59 p.m. ET) - you do not need to complete both. (If your state is interested in nominating itself for the QAS, please select the joint QAS & Annual report form.) 

Annual Report Application

Please Note: All of our state associations are required to complete the report in order to retain their affiliation/recognition with ACTE.  If an annual report is not submitted or found to be incomplete (missing information or either not adequately completed or concerning in response), a probationary period and investigation will be initiated which could result in disaffiliation if the report is not adequately completed.

About the Quality Association Standards

The purpose of the Quality Association Standards is to provide benchmarks for state associations to determine levels of performance and satisfactory service to their members and prospective members.

QAS should be useful to states in evaluating their basic organization and whether their leadership is providing minimum, average or superior programs for the membership. It is not intended to be a competition between states and/or to establish a "class system" of state associations, nor is it a system for rating the performance of a state’s executive director or volunteer leaders.

It is hoped that the QAS will prompt states to challenge themselves to improve and maintain the very best possible organization and leadership for their members within the association’s means. ACTE is committed to assisting state leadership in reaching Association goals. 

Annual Report & QAS Application