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Welcome to the help page for judges. You can watch a Tutorial for Judges here (watch in fullscreen to view notes). **If you are a judge for the ACTE Member Awards, click here to access the new, recorded tutorial on using the High-quality CTE Framework with the awards.** 

Below are some FAQ for technical troubleshooting. 

Where are my judging assignments?

Your judging assignments are accessible in the Judge Portal. You should be able to access this by logging in and selecting 'My Judging Assignments.' If you are a judge for more than one round (ex. in your state and Region), or more than one program, you may not see the program or round you are trying to score when you log in. If this is the case, select 'Change Judge Organization' on the left hand side of the page.

I don't see any applications, or I can't get to my applications anymore.

If you can't see any applications, the judging period may not be open or may have closed. Typically the judging period opens after the deadline for applications closes. Check with your program administrator to see if the judging period is open and if you have been assigned to applications.

How do I score applications?

Once you have opened the program you are judging, you can open each application individually. At the end of each application is an 'Evaluation Scorecard.' Use this scorecard to input your scores for the application. Once you are sure of your final scores and would like to submit them, click 'Save and Finalize.' The application will then move over to the 'Completed' tab and you will not be able to change your scores.

Can I save my scores and come back later?

Yes. If you would like to save your scores and return later with the option of changing them, click 'Save as Draft'. When you log back in as a judge, you will be able to reopen and edit scores for that application. 

Can I download and print applications?

Yes. You can download each individually by clicking 'download as pdf' on the first page of the application, or you can download all applications assigned to you in a program by clicking 'Download all to pdf' on the main page of the program. **NOTE** Downloading the pdf application will not download any file uploads that are included, such as letters of recommendation or photos. Those will need to be downloaded separately. You can do so by clicking on the links to those files in the pdf download. 

Have more questions that aren't answered on this page? Contact your program administrator for questions about the program or email dfrascoia@acteonline.org to troubleshoot technical issues.