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Welcome to the ACTE Awards Portal!

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Colorado ACTE Awards

Colorado ACTE administers the ACTE Excellence Awards. State award winners in these categories are eligible to move forward for Region V consideration. Learn more about the Excellence Awards here.  

ACTE Teacher of the Year

ACTE Administrator of the Year

ACTE Postsecondary Professional of the Year

ACTE Counseling & Career Development Professional Award

ACTE New Teacher of the Year

ACTE Teacher Educator of the Year

ACTE Carl Perkins Community Service Award

ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award

The following awards are administered by Colorado ACTE at the state level only.  

CACTE Hall of Fame Award

CACTE Outstanding Service by a Member

CACTE Outstanding Career & Technical Education Student - Postsecondary

CACTE Outstanding Career & Technical Student - Secondary

CACTE Exemplary Career & Technical Education Alumni


If you have questions about the Colorado ACTE Awards program, please contact Debbie Nelson (cacte@cacte.org).  For more information and to see the Colorado ACTE specific awards, visit the CACTE Awards webpage.