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The goal of the IAED Mentorship Program is to provide mentors to ACTE members interested in IAED (Inclusion, Access, Equity, and Diversity), leadership roles in ACTE and advising existing leaders in ACTE on IAED issues.

The IAED Mentorship Program is open to any ACTE member who is interested in IAED.

Please note, the ACTE website member login is separate from the awards portal login. If you have never logged into the awards portal please select new user.

In addition to participating in monthly meetings with your mentor, participants are required to complete 6 of the 8 activities listed below:

1.      Meet Your Mentor at ACTE CareerTech VISION 2021

2.      Article Review
(Book or Article Review: Resource List Available)

3.      Review of Best Practices
(Developing Quality CTE Programs and Cultural Awareness)

4.      Mentee Goal Development
(Specific to IAED, Leadership, and Professional Growth)

5.      IAED Statements or Documents
(Development of documents for institutions)

6.      National Policy and Procedures
(Familiarity with Perkins V and the sections that address IAED)

7.      IAED Reception at ACTE CareerTech VISION 2022 (Reflection statement/video as opposed to a presentation)

8.      Mentor/Mentee Selected Activity

Mentors and mentees are asked to volunteer 2-4 hours per month to participate in this program. Participants are also asked to attend VISION (if able), specifically the IAED reception where the mentors/mentees will meet and at the conclusion of the program, celebrate and reflect on the program experience.

Become a Mentor

Applications to serve as a mentor are open June 1 August 31.  

Become a Mentee

Applications to participate as a mentee are open August 1October 31